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Pat Thomas (The Golden Voice of Africa)

Pat Thomas, 2021

The legendary Pat Thomas was born in Kumasi in the 1950s and was introduced to highlife by his uncle, Kwabena Onyina (A legendary guitarist ) who ran a guitar band and concert party.

Pat’s musical journey really came to light working with Ebo Taylor and the Broadway big-band in the late 1960s. Then in 1972, he and Ebo were invited to form the Blue Monks by two of Ghana’s leading radio disc jockeys, Mike Eghan and Carl Bannerman.

Following this success, Pat moved to Cote D’Ivoire for a short while and then back to Ghana where he led the Ghana Cocoa Marketing Board’s Sweet Beans band with singer Lola Everett. The Sweet Beans were notable for hits such as ‘False Lover’ released in 1974, ‘Odo San Bra’, ‘Mmesiafo Yi’ and ‘ Eye Wo Asem ben’.

In 1976 he also recorded with the Marijata band composed of the Sweet Beans. Due to the collapse of the music industry in the 1970s, Pat settled in Germany in 1977 where he released ‘Yesu San Bra’ and a disco highlife called ‘Pat Thomas 1980’. Soon after this Pat spent a year in Abidjan where he released ‘Asante Kotoka’ and ‘Pat Thomas and Marijata’.

Fast forward to the current revival of Highlife music, the ‘Golden Voice of Ghana’ is still active across the local and international music scene. Actively touring with the Kwashibu Area Band which includes the likes of Kwame Yeboah.

Research and Written by Paulina Nkansah


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