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Charles Kwadwo Fosu 'Daddy Lumba' 

Updated: May 30, 2022

Charles Kwadwo Fosu also known as ‘Daddy Lumba’ was born on the 29th September 1964 and hails from the Ashanti Region. Lumba’s career started in Gospel music and slowly transition to Highlife, Burger Highlife and contemporary Highlife, which is evident as his career has succeeded for over 20 years.

In the 1980s Lumba was introduced to Burger Highlife through ‘Nana Acheampong’ another legend we will cover soon. The two formed the ‘Lumba Brothers’ and had massive hits such as ‘Odo Nti’, ‘Sika Asem’ and ‘Yeeye Aka Akwantuo’.

‘Yeeye Aka Akwantuo’, released in 1982, was dedicated to the Ghanaians who travelled abroad for better opportunities but settled permanently despite unexpected hardships due to fear of being ridiculed for returning home.

As a solo artist Daddy Lumba has been consistent releasing multiple-hits such as ‘Aben Woha, and 'Obi Ate Me So Buo'. His consistency has not only enabled him to bridge the gap between young and old but aside from Burger Highlife Lumba, has become one of the most popularised singers of ‘Contemporary Highlife’ alongside a few others.


Researched and Written by Paulina Nkansah

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